(STM) Soft Tissue Manipulation in Houston, TX

Chiropractic Care and STM (Soft Tissue Manipulation)

STM (soft tissue manipulation) is used in conjunction with chiropractic care to ensure that the muscles in an injured area become strong enough to support sufficient healing. Manipulating the soft tissues around an injury increases blood flow to the area and starts to break up scar tissue that can disrupt how the muscles function. This improves muscle function, flexibility, and range of motion. We at Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center, your chiropractor in Houston, TX, and your chiropractor near Katy, TX, know a lot about STM. We have the “pain relief near me” you are looking for.


What Is STM?

STM, or soft tissue manipulation, is used to break up tension and stiffness in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Manipulating the soft tissues keeps them flexible and improves circulation to the damaged areas. As blood flow improves and healing starts to take place, keeping the tissues flexible is important for healing. 

Is STM the Same as Massage Therapy?

STM and massage therapy are similar and offer many of the same benefits. They are distinctly different in terms of how they are applied. STM is used in a single location and for a specific cause. Deep tissue massage can also be used for a specific cause but covers a much larger area and can improve overall health and function throughout the body. 

The Benefits of STM

STM addresses problems that lie within the soft tissues of the body. Inactivity, scar tissue, and muscle stiffness can cause pain and discomfort. With soft tissue manipulation, the soft tissues are manipulated in such a way that scar tissue is broken up and the muscles become more flexible. With circulation being restored, the tissues can become stronger and more resilient. 

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