Bulging Disc

If you have back pain, you may have a bulging disc. The good news is that relief is only a search away to "chiropractic care near me," where you can then find a chiropractor in Houston, TX, with us at Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center. We can help through the use a spinal adjustment or other treatments. Read on to know more about your condition. 


General Information 

In between each vertebra in your back, you have spinal discs. These are fluid-filled sacs that act like cushions. The outside shell of these discs might begin to weaken overtime. This can result in the contents of a disc pushing on this weakened shell, causing it to bulge.

The bulging can place pressure on the nearby nerves and soft tissue, which can result in pain. It can also lead to nerve-related symptoms like weakness, numbness, burning, and tingling.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Bulging Discs

One first course of action is to provide a spinal adjustment. We'll first assess your back by asking you questions about the pain. We'll likely also assess the range of motion in your back and possibly recommend you undergo imaging. If there could be other causes of your back pain, we may conduct imaging to rule those out.

A spinal adjustment can help ease pressure on the nearby nerves and soft tissue by realigning the spine and correcting subluxations, dislocations in the spine. 

Proper spinal alignment should help reposition the spine and ease pressure on the bulging disc. It then can have a chance to heal without the additional pressure. 

Other Chiropractic Care for a Bulging Disc 

Our chiropractor in Houston, TX, may recommend exercise therapy to strengthen the soft tissue surrounding the bulging disc. Treatment might also include cold laser therapy to ease the pain on the soft tissue. 

Because you spend the majority of your time outside of our office, we might provide you with lifestyle recommendations to help ease your pain and other symptoms at home. This may include both corrective exercises and advice on how to get and maintain good posture. 

Get a Spinal Adjustment from a Chiropractor in Houston, TX

At Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center, serving Houston, TX, and the general vicinity, we're only a search for “chiropractic care near me” away. Once we know that you have a bulging disc, we can take steps to help it heal and ease your pain. That treatment can consist of a spinal alignment, a non-invasive approach that can reduce the amount of pressure on the disc affected disc. 

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