Auto Injury FAQS in Houston, TX

Have you been involved in a car accident? It's critical to seek medical attention even if you don't think you've been injured. Some auto injuries don't become evident until they have become worse, and they can be hard to treat at that time. At Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center, our chiropractor in Houston, TX, provides diagnoses for auto injuries and recommends suitable treatment. If you're looking for chiropractic care or pain relief after an auto injury, contact us today.


Frequently Asked Auto Injury Questions

What are the most common car accident injuries?

Whiplash is among the most common car accident injuries. Whiplash happens when your head suddenly moves backward and forward, which causes the neck to stretch and compress. Whiplash can also be accompanied by muscle spasms in the back, mid-back, or even the jaw. Other auto accident injuries are fractures, burns, concussions, back injuries, internal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, herniated discs, etc.

How do I know if I have an auto injury?

If you experience certain symptoms after an auto accident, it's best to consult a chiropractor. These symptoms include nausea, blurred vision, dizziness, neck pain or back pain (that worsens when you move), chest pains, and disorientation. Our chiropractor can conduct a thorough diagnosis to determine your exact injury and provide the right treatment.

How soon do you need to seek medical attention after an auto injury?

It's important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Auto injuries can worsen and become hard to treat if they're left untreated for too long. If you experience any type of pain after the accident, call our office today. Don't let your injury worsen.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care for auto injury treatment?

Chiropractic care can help treat your injuries. Our chiropractor aims to reduce pain and help you regain your normal daily activities. Our chiropractors provide a thorough diagnosis to determine your auto injuries and help you treat them in the best way possible. Depending on your injury, they may recommend techniques such as chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, ice/heat applications, and others to help you get pain relief near me.

What can I expect during my first chiropractic visit after a car accident?

When you visit our chiropractor in Houston, TX, for treatment after an auto injury, your initial consultation will involve a thorough review of your medical history, which will be followed by a physical examination. Your chiropractor may also ask you some questions to determine the exact source of your pain. A thorough diagnosis helps formulate the right treatment plan.

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