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Where Can I Find Professional, Caring Pain Relief Near Me?

At Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center, we are here to help you recover from injuries that not only cause pain and dysfunction, but make it harder for you to live an effective, enjoyable, and efficient life. Whether you're trying to get back to full employment and active hobbies or trying to reclaim joy in your life after chronic pain, the team of Dr. Joe Clinton is ready to deliver exceptional service.


Supporting Texans near Houston, Katy, and the surrounding areas, finding pain relief and support with personal injury recovery starts as soon as you're ready. Here are a few details to help you get started.

Find the Best Personal Injury and Pain Relief Near Me

You don't need to convince anyone about how severe your pain is. It helps to gauge the pain, and it helps to have an idea of a source, but it's a chiropractor's job to ask the right questions and do what can be done with the feedback.

Our chiropractor in Houston, TX, can take a look at your condition, provide a few recommendations for treatments and services, and help you fill in the gaps. We also provide introductory services, such as chiropractic adjustment or massage therapy. Physical therapy, exercise plans, and lifestyle consultations are also part of our chiropractor's services.

There are multiple levels of support, and every patient will have a different level of need. Schedule a visit today, and discuss with our chiropractor the services available that can help your unique condition. 

Can a Chiropractic Near Me Help with Claims?

Many injuries are an opportunity to get compensation. Your injuries might be so severe that you should be on Social Security's disability insurance, or you might have a workplace injury that needs workers' compensation.

People in car accidents, slip and falls, physical altercations or fights, or any kind of non-automobile accident may want to go to court. If you're a veteran, your pain could be linked to military service.

A chiropractor can examine you, write a diagnosis, and give you exactly what you need to submit a claim. For the best chance of success, be sure to let the chiropractor know that you're working on a claim and that you're looking for specific symptoms.

Can a Chiropractic Near Me Help Immediately?

The best time to contact a chiropractor is right now. You can schedule an appointment or ask for walk-in hours if you need quick relief. Contact us at Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center in Houston, TX, today and set an appointment for a better tomorrow.



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